Poem: The Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life poemThe great thing about poems like this, is that if you take the time to appreciate them, they have the potential to change your heart & mind. Who doesn’t love changing for the better?

The Purpose of Life

If you’ve never made another
Have a happier time in life;
If you’ve never helped a brother
Through his struggle and his strife;

If you’ve never been a comfort
To the weary and the worn–
Will you tell us what you’re here for
In this lovely land of morn?

If you’ve never made the pathway
Of some neighbor glow with sun;
If you’ve never brought a bubble
To some fellow’s heart with fun;

If you’ve never cheered a toiler
That you tried to help along–
Will you tell us what you’re here for
In this lovely land of song?

If you’ve never made a comrade
Feel the world a sweeter place
Because you lived within it,
And had served it with your grace;

If you’ve never heard a woman
Or a little child proclaim
A blessing on your bounty–
You’re a poor hand at the game.


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    • Hey Laurie! Glad to see you back! I was planning on emailing you soon. I didn’t want you to stay gone for too long; I was worried you were still mad at that dude who commented on your comment.

  1. that’s a very rue and powerful poem my wish is to reach out for these things mentioned in this poem

  2. Hello Shawn,

    Great Poem! Through our journey in life we experience many things, some are wonderful, they inspire us to greater things and some devastate us bringing heartache and pain, some are all about lessons in life we need to learn and in all of these things we learn to grow in mind body and soul. We are who we are by all the things we have been though in our lives, what has touched our hearts, made us happy or sad. People who come into our lives have an impact on us.

    Reading this poem amplifies to me what in fact is the Purpose of Life…..Take care always!

    • Thanks Lee; I like how you said “we are who we are by all the things we have been through”. I try to teach my kids through experiencing more *life*. Especially when everyone is sitting around on a Saturday; I tell them we need to go out for a walk or else we’ll get cabin fever. Even a walk, as small as it is, can teach us something about life.