Yes, this site is run by a real person.  My name is Shawn B (full name left out because I still have a day job) and I’ve been running this site since 1998.

I normally like to share lists of inspirational quotes here…but I also spice it up with poems, articles, and various inspirational/spiritual thoughts.

But what makes my collections of quotations different or special?

  1. I try to pick quotes that will make you think thoughts you’ve never thought,
  2. I try to find quotes that you’ve never seen on other sites.

Of course, that last one is easier said than done.  But it does address a big problem with quotation sites, doesn’t it?

Spend some time looking around the rest of the site; there’s lots of great things to help you think thoughts you’ve never thought, and feel feelings you’ve never felt.

Here’s my Instagram, my Twitter, and my Facebook.

And here is some of the text from the OLD BIO from the previous static version of my site:

This is me sliding down a log chute somewhere in Quebec.  It was taken in 1995 and I know you can’t see me very well, so here’s some more.

This is me and the family (summer 2006) in Bracebridge, Ontario (2 hours north of Toronto) at Santa’s Village. It’s an amusement park & campground all based on Santa Claus.  Very fun.

More adventures.  This was taken June 9, 2006 in Haliburton, Ontario (2.5 to 3 hours from Toronto) at the Haliburton Forest “Walk in the Clouds” canopy tour.  This is a quote from their site:

Over half a kilometer long – and as such the longest of its kind in the world –  the canopy boardwalk winds through the treetops some 20 meters above the forest floor.”

My wife and I went here for our 10th wedding anniversary.

I’ve posted other vacation trip pics on other static pages; I’ll try to move them here to the blog later….

Want some more bio?  Ok, here it is quick:

Grew up in Montreal, Quebec; I have 5 brothers; moved to Oshawa, Ontario when 14; lived all over France for 2 years after high school; worked at IBM, Pitney Bowes, and a telecom company (been there 18 years); day job is in Engineering; got General Biz and Marketing diplomas from local college; enjoy reading biz books, self-improvement, spirituality, religion, and marketing books.

I’m a nice guy. (most of the time)

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