Spiritual Thoughts

A Collection of Spiritual Thoughts

Hopefully Some That You’ve Never Seen Before 🙂

Spiritual ThoughtsYou know the drill.

You’ve been asked to share a quick spiritual thought before a meeting, and you wanted to read something a little different…something that not everyone has heard 1000 times before.

So you do a quick Google search, and it brought you here.  Well, you WILL find something nice here, but you’re going to have to search for a while. 🙂

Some of the “sure-bet” good spiritual thoughts are shown as RED LINKS.  Happy searching.


Your Highest State

Things Unseen

The Veil – When in the Beginning of the Years

Sorrow’s Work


A Package of Seeds

Should Man Expect Much Less?

John Muir Quote

It Isn’t the Church-It’s You

The Cynic

The Optimist Creed

A Thought About Obedience

It Shows In Your Face

A Thought About Gossip

The Nine Aspects of Life

8 Rules to Produce Happiness

Little By Little (this one is perfect for you)

Two Temples

The Stain (Poem)

This Is My Prayer

Say Something Good

If You Were Busy Being Kind

The Grumble Family

Which Are You?

The Under Dog

Forget It

Holiday For Strings Yes that is a very strange title, but you’re going to want to read this one.

The Three Apprentices

  The Paradoxical Commandments

10 Questions Parents Should Answer Correctly

A Stranger

The High Place

The Quitter

Ten Commandments of How to Get Along with People

Worth While

How Do You Tackle Your Work?

Storms Bring Out The Eagles


Prayer Quotes

Myself Poem

See It Through Poem

Can’t is the Worst Word that’s Written or Spoken

Upward Reaching

You Poem

How To Be Perfectly Miserable

10 Positive Assumptions

The Anvil of God’s Word

‘Twas a Sheep, Not a Lamb That Strayed Away


This Too Shall Pass Away

A Poem About Prayer

To Achieve Your Dreams, Remember Your ABCs

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