Whom, then, do I Call Educated?

Take a look at these two quotations; I can't figure out who said what...and since they're two different people, did one copy the other?  Wikipedia says Isocrates was a student of Socrates, and that Socrates greatly admired Isocrates.  Isocrates went on to establish a very successful … Continue reading

Say Something Good

Pick out the folks you like the least and watch 'em for a while; They never waste a kindly word, they never waste a smile; They criticize their fellow men at every chance they get,They never found a human just to suit their fancy yet.   From them I guess you'd learn something if they were pointed … Continue reading

The High Place

The young man stood beneath the shade of the juniper, staring upward at the sheer face of the cliff.  It reared its head above him, stretching nearly a thousand feet upward, to end in a sharp point that the old ones had called The High Place. The hill had once been considered sacred, he knew, … Continue reading

The Three Apprentices

Three apprentices were one day making swords for their Master, who had commanded them to do so.  The Master also had given specific instructions on how they were to be made. As the three apprentices worked they debated over what was really the proper procedure and the many secrets of making … Continue reading