Places I’ve Gone Lately

I know this is not something I usually post, but why not?  I go to some incredibly beautiful places for work...and why not share some of that part of my life with you? Plus, I have to say, for me to always share poems and self-help ideas and lists of inspirational's not always … Continue reading

My Recent Unknown Adventures

It was my birthday recently, so my wife prepared a big surprise weekend for me. She set up a sleep-over at my mom's house for our kids, told me to grab my suit, and we hopped in the car this past Friday night. After dropping off the kids, we drove off to Brampton to attend a church function, … Continue reading

Places I’ve Been Recently

I just I'd post a few pictures of places I've been in the last while. They were all taken with my phone...actually, some with my Curve and others with my Tour (which is slightly better). This is the view from "The Eagles Nest" in Bancroft, Ontario. We have friends up there and usually … Continue reading

Stuff To Do In Winnipeg Manitoba

Hi All, I wish I had more drive to blog about my little trips & travels & I'm forcing myself to give an update on my current biz trip to Winnipeg, which I've aptly entitled "Stuff To Do In Winnipeg Manitoba". Now, I'm sorry, but the camera on my Blackberry isn't good … Continue reading

Skating In A Paddock

Just thought I'd use the blog a little more often this year to mention random happenings in my life. The picture below is from my in-law's farm up near Peterborough, Ontario.  We went up there on the new Ontario holiday, "Family Day".  This is a bunch of us skating in a horse … Continue reading