Difficult Things To Do

Difficult Things To Do
Difficult Things To Do

To break a bad habit,

To love an enemy,

To think logically,

To admit ignorance,

To withhold judgement,

To grow old gracefully,

To persevere without haste,

To wait without impatience,

To suffer without complaint,

To know when to keep silent,

To be indifferent to ridicule,

To concentrate in the midst of strife,

To endure hatred without resentment,

To fraternize without losing individuality,

To serve without compensation, commendation, recognition.


I wish I knew who wrote this!  

Any thoughts, comments, questions?

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    • Laura
    • April 17, 2012

    So true i am still trying to master a lot of these and everday is a struggle, i’ve gotten better with impatience but the others are a slippery slope

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