A Great Quote About Perseverance

Quote About Perseverance
“When you want a thing deeply, earnestly and intensely, this feeling of desire reinforces your will and arouses in you the determination to work for the desired object. When you have a distinct purpose in view, your work becomes of absorbing interest. You bend your best powers to it; your give it concentrated attention; you think of little else than the realization of this purpose; your will is stimulated into unusual activity, and as a consequence you do your work with an increasing sense of power.” -Grenville Kleiser

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    • Cheryl
    • September 25, 2015

    Absolutely, the intent of using my experience in my life to making a huge difference in others has become no less than an obsession to deliver.

      • shawn
      • September 26, 2015

      Nicely said. You’ll have to tell me more sometime. 🙂

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