A New Crop Of Fools


Read this a couple times:

“Every generation a new crop of fools comes on. They think they can beat the orderly universe. They conceive themselves to be more clever than the eternal laws. They snatch goods from Nature’s store, and run…. And one by one they all come back to Nature’s counter, and pay–pay in tears, in agony, in despair; pay as fools before them have paid. Nature keeps books pitilessly. Your credit with her is good, but she collects; there is no land you can flee to escape her bailiffs. She never forgets; she sees to it that you pay her every cent you owe, with interest.” -Dr. Frank Crane

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    • trudy
    • March 27, 2009

    This is the most powerful qoute ever read. I’m challenged and changed tremendiusly by it. Thank you for this and if you don’t mind, I’ll blog some of your qoutes on my blog to spread inspiration.

  1. Reply

    Thanks! I’d appreciate it a lot.

    • Anita
    • March 27, 2009

    Fantastic and hard truth.

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