A Poem About Prayer

A Poem About Prayer
Here’s a poem that will end up on my “spiritual thoughts” page for sure.  It’s well-written; I hope you like it.

A Poem About Prayer

My soul usually weeps and my heart always cries
When I think of the sorrow and grief,
That can come to a man who won’t even try
To kneel and ask God for relief.

We all have our pains and troubles to bear
Each minute of every day
And the Adversary’s the kind who’ll always be there
To tell us we needn’t pray.

He wants us to quit, to give up the ghost
To darken God’s shining ray
By making us think the battle is lost
And it’s God who darkened our day.

But, this I can say with all the strength of my soul
The Lord’s not the one who has moved
It’s just part of the way to put our names on the roll
Of those whom our God has approved.

We all must be tested some time in our life
So He’ll know if we really care
But He’ll never give us the pain or the strife
We have not the strength to bear.

So when the Adversary does come to lead you astray
Look to your God through prayer
And when you’ve survived the trials of the day
You’ll find He was always there.


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    • ndupu johnspencer
    • July 4, 2012

    This is lovely and sort of rekindled the urge to pray in me. I wonder how many people who read and recognised the potency of prayer as the poem portrays. Kudos!

    • sirena_619
    • November 16, 2014

    Beautiful poem.

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