This Is My Prayer

This Is My Prayer PoemThis Is My Prayer

Give me a pulsing heart to feel
The need of other hearts, and kneel
With them when lonely shadows steal
Across the way.

Give me a vibrant hand and strong
To right a weaker brother’s wrong,
Or smooth some tangled place along
His onward way.

Give me a spirit swift to greet,
And lay life’s incense at the feet
Of every soul I chance to meet
Upon the way.

Give me to feel with kindness rare,
Give me to act with courage fair,
Give me to bless. This is my prayer
Along the way.


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  1. This is such a beautiful Prayer Shawn, every word is precious, I am going to post it on my frigde door.

    Thank you so much for posting it.
    Take care always, Lee

    • You’re welcome, Lee. That’s a good thing to do, too. We so often read great thoughts, quotes, and poems, but we’ll soon forget them unless they’re out in the open…like on a fridge. Thanks Lee.

  2. Hi Shawn.Great thought!As I strive to always achieve something,I aim for the ultimate high and been able to create a Prayer,I’d like to share with you.This is my Prayer…
    God,guide me to path of righteousness
    leading to your wisdom and life
    Please stay on my soul
    as you are my strength
    and your spirit continue
    to lives on me
    doing good deeds
    that will glorify your
    Holy Name…Amen