Chart Your Own Path To Success

It has been said that the only person who can promote yourself is YOU.  There is no one who can make you better other than you. No one will put you into limelight unless you make a concerted effort to do so.

No one will tell your story unless you step forward and narrate it. It is you to make that story and tell it the way you want it told. Think about Oprah Winfrey. She made it happen in her life even in the face vast challenges in her youth. She overcame various kinds of abuse and chose to make a difference not only in her life but also in the lives of men and women worldwide.

Mohammed Ali had to muster the best self-belief, tremendous confidence, and unquenchable desire to win the international boxing bout against Liston. He told the world that he was the greatest. He walked it, he believed it, and acted it.

The only person who can define and determine your destiny is you. You have the responsibility to managing your thoughts. Your positive thinking will spur positive actions and productive habits. Your good habits will shape a fulfilling character in your life. Your life will be fruitful as well.

You must refuse to listen to the voices that preach defeat, impossibility, small dreams, negative attitude, discouragement, and disillusionment. Beware of people who will steal and belittle your dreams. It is your success, dreams, and victory; it not theirs. It cannot be them. The best person to set the goals of your career and life is you. It will never be the duty of your life coach, friends, and parents. It is all about you.


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    • Laurie Vowels
    • February 24, 2010

    Those words are so true. We should live by them and watch ourselves grow.

    • Jennee
    • February 24, 2010

    I need to write that on my mirror and read it every morning. My friend was just telling me that I always sell myself to short. It’s probably true.
    .-= Jennee´s last blog ..What Would You Do Without Freedom? (read with Scottish accent) =-.

    • Mmaleya
    • March 2, 2010

    It amazing how I started 2010 with these words echoeing in my mind. Yes it is true we are masters of our own destiny, we are what we think and believe we are.

    • Gerri Nelsen
    • September 10, 2010

    Thank you for very good post. Thank you for your help.

    • Aaron Bennett
    • September 12, 2010

    i had a mid-life crisis and what i needed was a life coach:”*

      • shawn
      • September 12, 2010

      Aaron, can you re-confirm your URL? I tried to load it 3 times and it didn’t come up.

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