Happiness Poem


Happiness is a state of mind;
It sparkles when the world is kind.
But sometimes sorrow enters in,
And spoils the joys that are within.

Each of us has his day
When all the world looks dark and gray;
But when we know that God’s about.
We’ll have no more fear or doubt.

Happiness can be a little thing
That makes us glad and want to sing;
It can come in mighty form,
To keep our life forever warm.


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    • Rita Walters
    • January 20, 2011

    I love this poem. It also gives hope when it comes to happiness. Thanks

    • Rainelda
    • January 20, 2011

    Hi Shawn…Happiness is a mysterious word.A certain feeling cannot exactly be define;
    In smile there are things hidden
    in laughter there are things untold
    in the eyes there are tears of joy
    in my heart,I feel a life
    Happiness is something i love…thanks

    • Ralph Quintero
    • January 23, 2011

    Thanks for helping make the world a happier place! Your quotes and poems are always inspirational and give all of us that extra boost to get going.

    • Lee
    • February 6, 2011

    A beautiful poem Shawn, so very true.
    Happiness means different things to different people.

    Here is a poem I also wrote a few years ago on “Happiness”, happy to share with you.


    Happiness is not a tended rose
    Amid the prescient beauty of a garden:
    Perhaps one senses soon some gate may close;
    Maybe one senses soon the earth will harden.

    Years come and go like waves upon a shore,
    Violent or peaceful with the wind.
    After one has given up on more,
    Love waits within the heart, its passion thinned.

    Even in a passage void of light,
    Nether windings black with rage and grief,
    There are waters sweet with lost delight
    In which one finds a strong, serene belief.

    No happiness can overcome life’s pain
    Except one love, and love gives life again.

    By Leokadia Durmaj
    Copyright© 20th March 2008

    • J.B. Walker
    • February 20, 2011

    Nicely said. Thank you for the words of wisdom.

    • Lee
    • March 15, 2013

    Hello Shawn,

    I hope all is going well for you.
    I took a fall at the start of the year, I hurt my hip and back, only been able to sit on a char longer then 10 minutes in the last couple weeks. I still have problems with walking but I am getting there, slowly…. I have lots of things to catch up with at home since being laid up for two months, three weeks were spent bed ridden. Take care, I hope you have a wonderful weekend…. Lee

    1. Reply

      Good to hear from you, Lee, especially since our emails don’t always seem to get through to each other lately. Are you better now? Hope you’re taking physio.

    • Lee
    • April 26, 2013

    I am much better but much slower in movement. I have been to the Chiropractor for massage and also acupuncture for the pain. For the first month I could not go anywhere as I couldn’t move, nor get into a car. At least now I can sit, stand and walk short distances I still have about two more months of physio to do. I received your email, I had sent you many emails but I had no answer to them. Hence the reason I wrote here, (smile) My email had changed since last September as I went to a new provider. I did send the new email to my friends but you would be surprised how many were still trying to send me emails to my other email which is no longer valid. (smile)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, do take care my friend, Lee

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