Humanity Quotes

Humanity Quotes

humanity-quotesAll humanity is one undivided and indivisible family, and each one of us is responsible for the misdeeds of all the others. -Mahatma Gandhi

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. -Mahatma Gandhi

I am a man, and whatever concerns humanity is of interest to me. -Terence

Man is not on the earth solely for his own happiness. He is there to realize great things for humanity. -Vincent Van Gogh

Provision for others is a fundamental responsibility of human life. -Woodrow Wilson

Our humanity were a poor thing but for the divinity that stirs within us. -Bacon

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A rational nature admits of nothing which is not serviceable to the rest of mankind. -Marcus Antonius

We are members of one great body, planted by nature in a mutual love, and fitted for a social life. – We must consider that we were born for the good of the whole. -Seneca

The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. – We cannot exist without mutual help. All therefore that need aid have a right to ask it from their fellow-men; and no one who has the power of granting can refuse it without guilt. -Walter Scott

The universe is but one great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human, by nature endeared to each other. -Epictetus

History down through the centuries has proved again and again that there can be but one outcome to a struggle for selfish power against forces fighting to protect and advance human rights. Those genuinely serving humanity always ultimately emerge triumphant. It is under their standards that the [Western] allies choose to throw in their lot for humanity’s defense. -Francis B. Sayre

However degraded or wretched a fellow mortal may be, he is still a member of our common species. -Seneca

Our doctrine of equality and liberty and humanity comes from our belief in the brotherhood of man, through the fatherhood of God. -Calvin Coolidge

The crest and crowning of all good, life’s final star, is Brotherhood. -Edwin Markham-

The desire for the well-being of one’s own nation can be – and must be – made compatible with the welfare of all humanity. -Louis L. Snyder

Every day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time. -Guglielmo Marconi

There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone: All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. -Edwin Markham

The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race. -Donald Marquis

Each of us brings with him an element, more or less important, of the life of humanity to come. -Giuseppe Mazzini

The only way in which one can make endurable man’s inhumanity to man, and man’s destruction of his own environment, is to exemplify in your own lives man’s humanity to man and man’s reverence for the place in which he lives. -Alan Paton

It’s great to be great, but it’s greater to be human. -Will Rogers

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