If Nobody Smiled

If Nobody Smiled

If Nobody Smiled

If nobody smiled, and nobody cared,
And nobody helped us along;
If every fellow looked out for himself,
And the good things all went to the strong;

If nobody cared just a little for you,
And nobody thought about me,
And we stood all alone in the battle of life,
What a dreary old world this would be!

Life is sweet because of the friends we love,
And the things that in common we share;
And we want to live on, not because of ourselves,
But because of the people who care.

It’s giving and doing for somebody else–
On that all of life’s splendor depends;
And the joy in this world, when you’ve summed it all up,
Is found in the love of our friends.

-Arthur James Hayden

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    • Kathrin Roberts
    • April 23, 2011

    This is a great poem – and so true.

    • Lori
    • April 23, 2011

    fabulous keep up the good work!

    • Lori
    • April 23, 2011

    fabulous keep up the good work!

    • Rainelda
    • April 23, 2011

    pardon me,I don’t know how to post my sweetest smile 🙂

    1. Reply

      Looks like it works, Rainelda. Happy Easter. 🙂

    • doreen
    • April 26, 2011

    Indeed one wonders where we would have been without a push from the people that surround us.

    Thanks Shawn for this reminder. Sometimes we tend to forget.

    • Jimmye
    • May 19, 2011

    What a wonderful poem. The power of a SMILE is great indeed. Thanks Shawn for all you do I look forword to your post as they always make me smile!!

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