Imagination And Enthusiasm

Imagination And Enthusiasm Poem
“Imagination and Enthusiasm”

Take imagination and enthusiasm,
And hitch the two together,
Then fix your gaze on the farthest star
And forget about the weather.

Take a pound of pluck and energy
And mix with an ounce of thrift,
Then forward-march to the heights ahead,
And don’t be begging a lift.

Pick out the hill you want to climb
And fix your gaze on the peak,
Then blaze your way to the very top,
The bottom is reserved for the weak.

Imagination and enthusiasm;
Mark you! this matchless team,
Is yours to harness and drive to the goal,
Of all your heart has dreamed.

Imagination and enthusiasm;
Oh man! if you are wise,
You’ll give ’em the rein, then fix your gaze
On the brightest star in the skies.

-W.C. Thurston

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    • Liz
    • January 8, 2010

    Am a regular visitor. Loe your posts.
    The post 10 commandments of success is not visible.

  1. Reply

    Thanks Liz,
    I can’t believe no one told me sooner. It was weird; I remember having trouble when I first posted it. But I saw now that only I could view the post; when I logged out completely, I also got the 404 error.

    Anyway, it took forever to fix and now it is viewable to all.

    Thanks again,


    • Rainelda
    • November 1, 2011

    A very pleasant day to you Shawn;I am a Dreamer,but I dream wide awake,nope not daydreaming but having imagination about all aspects of life and my want or enthusiasm to do something about some “problems”I see if not living drives me to create a life of my own in the sense that I’m able to create or have modesty speaking,my own words of wisdom.As a matter of fact,I’ve been able to combine the two types of imagination.Fantasy and Reality.With much enthusiasm,soon I’ll send you the pride of my life.thanks to you

    1. Reply

      Keep me posted. 🙂

    • Lee
    • November 5, 2011

    Imagination and Enthusiasm are two powerful energies if you combine the two together anything and everything is possible. I believe many things have come to be because people have used their imagination with enthusiasm. Great thought Shawn!

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