It Takes Courage – Dauntless – Poems

Hi All,

I found a couple more great poems dealing with the topic of courageousness.  

I know it takes a little more effort to digest these than if they were short “quipy” quotes, but they really are worth the read.

Enjoy!  -Shawn

courage poems


To stand for the right at all times.

To say “No!” squarely to evil when all those around
you are saying “Yes.”

To speak the truth when, by a little “twisting”,
you can gain some advantage or escape punishment.

To refuse to do a thing which you think is wrong,
when it is customary and is done by many others.

To face slander and lies, and to carry yourself with
cheerfulness, grace, and dignity for a long while before
the lie can be corrected.

To obey your parents when the other boys and
girls are trying to say it’s all right to
“put one over on them.”

These things take courage — but boys and girls
who use this courage grow up to be better men and


dauntless poem

I will not think of treasures lost,
Of time that’s past and gone,
As long as faith is in my heart
I shall go bravely on.

And other treasures I shall find
To keep me and sustain;
As long as faith is in my heart
Life can not be in vain.

And though I know that I shall meet
Dark tempests on my way,
As long as hope is in my heart
I see a shining ray;

And flowers shall bloom along my path
And birds to me shall sing;
As long as hope is in my heart
My spirit high shall wing.

And though the sweetest dreams of youth
In broken fragments lie,
As long as love is in my heart
Those dreams can never die;

And in those broken fragments I
A deeper meaning see,
As long as love is in my heart
Youth will keep step with me.

-Mark Block

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