No Goal or Prize = No Finish Line

Here is another guest post, called “No Goal or Prize = No Finish Line”:

I half-heartedly laugh when I hear someone say they enjoy running. I mean, come on.

Do I run? Yes. Do I enjoy it? No. Except for the finish line.

I guess what I’m saying is that when I train for a half marathon, I need a little motivation. Because, really, it’s not so fun to get up at 6 in the morning. And it’s even less fun keeping the legs moving for an hour straight, or two hours straight – eventually. I mean, this takes REAL effort.

But I have found one thing to keep me motivated while running one-mile circles around a stagnant lake… but first…

I guess everyone has their reasons for putting forth real effort, keeping their eyes focused on the prize… family, money, ego are probably among the most popular. Of course, some people do things just for the hell of it. But if it’s really worth it, can it really be that easy? I’m not convinced.

In order for me to go to the gym, I need to know for certain that one sign on the wall will still be there: Sacrifice + Sweat = Success. There! Now I can run a couple more miles on the treadmill and do a few more exercises! Either that, or I need that trainer or friend yelling at me and telling me I’m a complete sissy. Come on you *****, two more reps!

The reason why I need to keep the rewards of my labor on the top of my mind is not really clear to me. It’s hard for me to do something simply because I know it’s good for me. Probably for the same reason it’s hard for somebody to lose weight unless they have a bet. If I don’t have that goal in mind every couple minutes, it just doesn’t seem as important.

Ironically, in real life, I am exactly the opposite. I have no specific five-year plan. I think that would lack flexibility, which in my mind is a must-have. Do I look at the big picture, yes. Do all of the boring runs and half marathons add up to me being in pretty decent shape over the long haul? Sure. I get it.

This just goes to show that even short-term goals can require someone to be quite motivated all of the time. Which I am.

But, as I said, I need the help. And that motivation comes to me every once in a while through websites like this – where words of wisdom can be short and sweet, or absorbed gradually.

I prefer the short and sweet. So for me, I keep closeby one saying that sums it all up. It’s at the bed stand or next to the faucet – somewhere I will see it, even if it’s dark and cold and stagnant outside.

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brian Bujdos writes for Access Rx a safe US located online pharmacy.  He is the editor of the AccessRX health blog.

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  1. My own quote of the day March 30, 2010

    “You never outgrow your need for air”

    John Cartwright

  2. When we learn to take responsibility for every aspect of our lives, motivated success can only but follow, it is inevitable, like the force of the tides and as sure as the sun. Self motivation need merely have its humble beginnings right here, for when we truly accept that we create our realities, then we are firmly in control.

    And the best part about being motivated, in control and taking responsibility for our ‘doings’ and more importantly, our ‘thinkings’, is then being able to renounce control and swim with the fishes and dream with the wind. It is often in our letting go that we truly wake up.

    How great it is when we montivate ourselves to create a dream.