Little By Little

Little By Little Thought
Little by Little

A minister’s word to his flock:

“The members of the church on Sunday morning sleep a little late.

They go straggling into the assembly a little late.

Some of the members chew a little gum, joke a little, and doodle a little.

Brethren in the class argue a little, figure a little, laugh a little, listen to the sermon a little, commune a little, and then give a little.

After dismissal they gossip a little, go home and forget what little they heard, and act a little like they cared but little for the greatest, grandest, holiest and most precious institution on earth.

I may have exaggerated a little, but a very little, and I think in some things I have omitted a little.

Brethren, will you think on this a little?


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    • Laurie
    • March 25, 2011

    This poem is, what can I call it, mind expanding. Thanks Shawn

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