Poem of Life

Life Poem

At times we’ve thought what is the use
To brave the world and its abuse?
Trouble and sorrow seem everywhere
Surely ’tis more than we can bear.

But then a still, small voice would say,
There’s joy for you if you’ll but pay.
Should roses grow without a thorn?
To unearned ease are mortals born?

The sweetest flowers ofttimes are found
Amid the thorns in roughened ground.
And richest joys you’ll find are those
Which spring from work and not repose.


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    • suzanne
    • October 21, 2010

    loved the poem so very true in every word

      • Ernest
      • November 3, 2010

      Loved the poem, its very true. Please add more poems.

    • Dinah
    • October 21, 2010


    Thank you for sharing these wonderful quotes. They are special.

    • David Parrish
    • October 21, 2010

    Thanks Shawn. Tis the well written rhyme that stands the test of time.

    • Lee
    • October 21, 2010

    Hi Shawn,

    I love the picture and the poem. Words of wisdom come to be in poetic art for all to read. Wonderful images evolve the mind because poetry touches the heart, lingers upon thoughts, appeases the soul of all mankind. I do love poetry, smile!

    I wonder if I could share some of mine,

    Take care always.

    • Kay Cantley
    • February 22, 2011

    Thank You for all your lovely quotes,
    i look forward to them x

    • Indra
    • September 22, 2011

    Hi Shawn,

    Lovely poem……. thanks…. 🙂

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