Results of the Survey

I was thinking that it be would good for me to post the results of my survey a few months ago.

If you remember, I had asked my list of thought-of-the-day subscribers (close to 15,000 people now!) to answer a few questions.

See below for the interesting results.

1. What do you like seeing at

Quotes      95.33%
Articles     37.38%
Personal adventures     26.64%
Book reviews     22.90%

2. What would you like to see more of?

A daily quote by email (ie. not just 2 days per week)      71.29%
A great free ebook full of top-notch quotations     50.72%
More top-10 lists of quotes on the blog     33.01%
Product reviews (ie. motivational books, videos, etc)     29.67%

3. How often do you like seeing the thought-of-the-day by email?

7 days a week      34.27%
Monday to Friday only     23.94%
3 or 4 times; random is ok with me!     21.13%
Twice per week is fine     20.19%

(note: this is why I keep talking about sending out a quick quote each day; the majority of people want me to email more often than my current schedule of twice per week)

4. I am thinking about reviewing some self-help type products for sale. If I occasionally talk about products for sale in the thought of the day, what would you like to hear about:

Inspirational non-fiction books (ebooks)      41.12%
Motivational posters     38.32%
Motivational software, like calendars and planning/goal tools     32.24%
Inspirational music     30.37%
Inspirational fiction books     25.70%
Inspirational recordings, podcasts, speeches, videos     25.70%
Nothing, I don’t want to hear about anything for sale    23.36%
Make money online or work from home information     21.03%
Lose weight information/products     14.49%
Dating subjects     5.14%

I find a lot of these last answers very surprising, don’t you?  I will be starting “sections” of this blog to report on a lot of those areas…over time.  Look up in the top right area of this blog, under “Pages”.  I already have the “motivational posters” (link removed for now) and “motivational videos” section.  Lots more work to do!!

Any other suggestions?  Feel free to share your comments below.


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    • Umakant
    • December 3, 2009

    I want that you should send me mail everyday. Your all quotes are really good.

    • Atule
    • December 4, 2009

    Your quote are really inspiring can you please I want you to mail me everyday. I wish you God’s Blessings.

    • Jonathan
    • December 5, 2009

    I think one or two quotes per email is better but send it everyday. This way, we don’t have to be fascinated all at once with 10 or more quotes at one time…not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just that a quote a day helps people (at least me) digest fairly easily rather than…a heart attack of 20 (even though they’re inspiring) quotes.

    • rohit
    • December 11, 2009

    i m hoping 2 have earliest reply 2 start,rather contiue d process…………..

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