Some Of You Will Be Getting An Invite For The Thought of The Day


Hi All,

I forgot to tell you that the 6000 of you who did sign up to get blog updates from me will be seeing a FORMAL invitation to subscribe to the Aspire Higher Thought-of-the-Day.

Most of you are those who moved over to Feedburner from my old mailing list (when I lost my mind and shut it down).

So in order to “do it right”, I have to now send you a formal invitation…which YOU MUST ACCEPT IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK.

Basically, in the next few days (maybe today?), you’ll get an email asking you if you really want to subscribe. You’ll see a confirmation link that you must click.

Actually, as much as I’d like to send you that invitation today, it would probably work best if I let this email simmer in your inbox for a few days, and then send it on Tuesday. Experts say that Tuesdays are the best day to send an email that people will see. Even today, it appears a lot of people sign up for email newsletters on their work computers, and since it’s Friday, I just don’t want you to miss the IMPORTANT “subscribe” email.

Interestingly, I’ve also seen some recent reports that say Facebook & other social media usage goes way up on Saturday & Sunday, so maybe I’ll catch a few of you over there. 🙂

Ok…if you don’t want to wait for the Tuesday invitation email, you can sign up right now by going to any page on my site at, and you’ll see either:

Sorry for all the business talk.

Shortly we can all move forward with YOU getting one inspirational quote per day in your inbox. Can’t wait!



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    • Kim Fry
    • September 21, 2019

    I have a quote I wanted to tell you. I have fallen and made mistake after mistake. But, true success is not staying down. Get back up,shake it off,and keep going

      • Kim Fry
      • September 21, 2019

      Did you read my quote???

      • shawn
      • September 24, 2019

      Very nice. Do you blog or write anywhere?

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