3 Inspirational Poems on Contentment


Hi All,
I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been sharing a lot more poems lately instead of quotes, but that’s only because there’s so many good ones to share!

Instead of posting one per page, I thought I’d try 3 all at once.  You’ll love them.  See below:

Pleasant Thoughts

I want to remember lovely things:
A baby’s smile, a butterfly’s wings;
An evening star, the blue blue sky;
A crystal snowflake, clouds so high;
Sweet notes of birds, a sunset glow;
Refreshing showers, soft winds that blow;
To keep the storehouse of my mind
Full of thoughts that make me kind.
Lovely thoughts to live with me;
Making my life a rhapsody.
When youth’s happy pleasures have passed by,
Sweet, happy thoughts must never die.

-Lula Erick

A Wish

Mine be a cot beside the hill;
A bee-hive’s hum shall soothe my ear;
A willowy brook that turns a mill
With many a fall shall linger near.

The swallow, oft, beneath my thatch
Shall twitter from her clay-built nest;
Oft shall the pilgrim lift the latch

And share my meal, a welcome guest.

Around my ivied porch shall spring
Each fragrant flower that drinks the dew;
And Lucy, at her wheel, shall sing
In russet gown and apron blue.

The village church among the trees,
When first our marriage vows were given,
With merry peals shall swell the  breeze,
And point with taper spire to heaven.

-Samuel Rogers


Inward Peace

Till poverty knocked at her door
She never knew how bare
The uneventful days of those
Who have but want and care.

Till sorrow lingered at her hearth,
She never knew the night
Through which troubled souls might fare
To gain the morning light.

Till suffering had sought her house,
She never knew what dread
Many wrestle with, or what grim fears
Of agony are bred.

And yet till those unbidden guests
Had taught her to possess
A clearer sight, she never knew
The height of happiness.

-Charlotte Becker

Hopefully you liked these and can find a use for them.  If you did enjoy them, please leave a quick little comment below, AND remember that any little joy you got from them should be passed on.

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