Poem Called Insight

Here’s an insightful poem about finding life full of brightness & goodness.

I found it while searching through old collections.  The author is unknown, and I know it pre-dates the 1940s.  I also think it’s from the U.K.

Enjoy.  🙂



Often when it seemed I found
Goodness here, there, all around,
I saw, on closer scrutiny,
The goodness come from inside me.

Why did the whole world seem to smile?
Because I laughed with it awhile.
Why was all earth so bright with sun?
Because my light heart gave it one.

What made the future seem so bright,
The past seem dear, the future right?
What was it set the day apart?
The peace of God within my heart.

Since then, when life looks dark and grim,
My assets small, my prospects dim,
I push dark thoughts back on the shelf
And seek for heaven in myself.


What are your thoughts on this poem?  Valuable lesson or not?

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