Become Learned In A Few Minutes A Day

Become Learned
“The reading habit is most valuable in life.  I mean by that practice of using a little time, say half an hour a day, in the systematic reading of worthwhile literature.  The mind is opened to precious fields of  thought; the achievement of the ages becomes ours; even the future takes form.

As the mind and spirit are fed by well chosen reading, comfort, peace and understanding come to the soul. Those who have not tried it, have missed a keen and easily accessible joy. Moreover a person who engages in such a regular daily reading, if only a few minutes a day, in the course of a few years becomes a learned man. But it must be a regular daily habit…

Some of the best educated men that I have ever met have never been to college but have acquired the habit of daily reading of good books for a few minutes a day”

-John Widstoe

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  1. I agree with this one totally. I would like to hear from you of some of the best reads you’ve encountered so far. I need some good recommendations. Thank you for confirming the importance of reading to me.