The Best of Sixteen Things

The Best of Sixteen Things
The Best of Sixteen Things

  1. The best law: The Golden Rule.
  2. The best education: Self-knowledge.
  3. The best philosophy: A contented mind.
  4. The best theology: A pure and beneficent life
  5. The best war: To war against one’s weakness.
  6. The best medicine: Cheerfulness and temperance.
  7. The best music: The laughter of an innocent child.
  8. The best science: Extracting sunshine from a cloudy day.
  9. The best art: Painting a smile upon the brow of childhood.
  10. The best journalism: Printing the true and beautiful on memory’s tablet.
  11. The best telegraphing: Flashing a ray of sunshine into a gloomy heart.
  12. The best biography: That life which writes charity in the largest letters.
  13. The best mathematics: That which doubles the joy and divides the most sorrows.
  14. The best navigation: Steering clear of the lacerating rocks of personal contention.
  15. The best diplomacy: Effecting a treaty of peace with one’s own conscience.
  16. The best engineering: Building a bridge of faith over the river of death

-Pennsylvania School Journal, 1936

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