Leavin’ The Old An’ Greetin’ The New – Friendship Poem

Leavin' The Old An' Greetin' The New
Here’s another poem for your enjoyment.  It’s about friendship:

Leavin’ The Old An’ Greetin’ The New

It’s kind of tough t’ have t’ leave
So many folks you’ve learned t’ know,
An’ have ’em grip yer hand an’ tell
How much they hate t’ see you go!

It’s kinda tough t’ say goodbye
T’ friends you’ve seen day after day–
It’s hard t’ break the happy bonds
O’ comradeship, an’ move away.

It’s hard t’ pack up all yer things
An’ leave a cozy home behind–
The place where joys have come t’ you,
Where neighbors all have been so kind.

An’ when, at last, yer dearest pal
Is tryin’ hard t’ make a bluff
At bein’ brave, an’ breaks right down,
It’s kinda tough — it’s kinda tough!

But say!  It’s great t’ find new friends
Just waitin’ fer a chance t’ show
How glad they are t’ have you come
An’ live with ’em!  It’s great t’ know

That folks ‘re jus’ about the same
No matter where you chance t’ roam,
An’ if you let ’em have their way
You’ll soon be feelin’ right at home.

So, it’s a long farewell old friends, old friends;
May God be mighty good t’ you!
Across the miles an’ down the years
You’ll find my friendship always true.

An’ now I turn with eager heart
T’ meet whatever life extends —
T’ greet the folks that welcome me,
An’ try t’ make ’em all my friends!

-Lawrence Hawthorne

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    • Lee
    • May 19, 2012

    Such a beautiful poem Shawn, friendship is such a special gift we are blessed to share. There are many friendships that evolve, some are for a reason, some for a season, and some last a lifetime no matter where you roam, each one brings us special gifts, joys and sorrow, laughter and sometime tears, each is remembered as time passes on because in all forms of friendship we open our heart and soul.
    Wishing you a beautiful day always, Lee

    1. Reply

      Thanks Lee. So good to have you here again! What have you been up to?

    • YAMUNA
    • May 19, 2012

    Hai Shawn,
    very nice poem.

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