Book Review: Missing Varrun

If rules are meant to be broken then this book has definitely done the job! Missing Varrun is on its way to becoming one of the fastest bestsellers in the nation. The book has gained a lot of momentum, and why not? The story involves love, compassion, heartbreaks, picturesque scenes, along with a very intense description of incidents and feelings. An entire lifetime of events has been portrayed, including falling in love, getting married, dealing with heartbreaks, and finally dealing with closure.

Written in simple English, the book engages the reader from the first chapter when Vedant describes the Spanish city of Ceuta, followed by his wife’s retirement ceremony (Amaya). Amaya lived in Ceuta for 35 years with her two children, Varrun and Vaidika, while Vedant, a chartered accountant and lawyer by profession, lived in crowded Calcutta. The story involves two souls and the hardship born by Vedant for living away from his family and from his Varrun.  The story involves closure to the tough times faced by Vedant who spends his life traveling back and forth so that he can sense some form of completeness.

A quick flashback describing Vedant and Amaya’s love story helps the reader to understand which events lead to the present scenario. Various moments have been captured intently, especially those involving the protagonist Vedant Agarwal. However, the best moments, according to me, were the mixed feelings felt by Vedant towards his wife Amaya. The author has well portrayed the ‘hatred cum love’ emotions felt by Vedant – He loves his wife dearly however he despises her for making him live away from his family. He enjoys his wife’s company but he hates her for depriving him of watching his children grow into responsible adults. His heart still skips a beat every time he sees her, yet he detests her for not letting him live a life of a father, but just of a long distant husband. Yet, his commitment and dedication towards Amaya, Vaidika and especially Varrun, is unmatchable.

Such strong mixed feelings towards a loved one is quite a rare sight on love stories. This could be the USP of Missing Varrun. Not to forget the intense description of events, feelings, festivals etc. that add to strength of the book. I go with 5 on 5 on this book. Make sure you grab your copy soon!
-written by: Tina Nagrani

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