Courage by Edgar A. Guest


I’ll be willing to bet that most Edgar A. Guest fans have not read this poem before, so this will be a real treat for them…and you!

Anything by Guest is inspired:


This is courage: to remain
Brave and patient under pain;
Cool and calm and firm to stay
In the presence of dismay;

Not to flinch when foes attack,
Even though you’re beaten back;
Still to cling to what is right,
When the wrong possesses might.

This is courage: to be true
To the best men see in you;
To remember, tempest-tossed,
Not to whimper, “All is lost!”

But to battle to the end
While you still have strength to spend;
Not to cry that hope is gone
While you’ve life to carry on.

This is courage: to endure
Hurt and loss you cannot cure;
Patiently and undismayed,
Facing life still unafraid;

Glad to live and glad to take
Bravely for your children’s sake,
Burdens they would have to bear
If you fled and ceased to care.

-Edgar A. Guest

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    • June 29, 2016

    Clear conscience is the most soft pillow. – Wycliffe B. Matiti

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