Courage Poem

Courage PoemCourage Poem

We lead out our days in monotonous ways
The humdrum of work and of sleep.
Time slips along, no thrill in the song
Not even a reason to weep.

And then like a flash there comes a crash,
We’re stunned by the buffet Fate gives,
In the blackness and blur we feel the soul stir
And that is the moment one lives.

When disaster beats around the true men are found
And cowards are marked with a brand.
They whimper and whine: they cringe and repine
At the whip-lash Fate holds in her hand.

The brave men fight on through chasms may yawn
And midnight’s unlit by a star.
How you face defeat in the crises you meet
That measures the man that you are.

All through the years there are smiles and tears,
But they in the end are the same.
One moment of life in the midst of the strife
Is worth ages of watching the game.

With dismay in your heart, if you still played your part,
Though bloody and beaten and sore;
If your soul flamed white in the hopeless fight,
The world will ask for no more.


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    • Mohammed Rafiq
    • April 20, 2010


    • Ruth
    • April 21, 2010

    Its encouraging!

    • Laurie
    • April 21, 2010

    This poem is fantastic! Life, bleak as it can be, will at least stir the soul. You are living, not watching as it goes by.

    1. Reply

      Glad you liked it. I get the impression a lot of my visitors don’t take the time to read the poems I post, but they really should. There are some life-changing ones out there. Thanks Laurie.

    • bhimesh
    • April 21, 2010

    very much inspiring for me at this moment of time

    • Bruce
    • December 2, 2010

    tnx great poem

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