The Under Dog Poem

The Under Dog Poem

I know that the world that the great big world
From the peasant up to the king,
Has a different tale from the tale I tell,
And a different song to sing.

But for me, and I care not a single fig
If they say I am wrong or I am right,
I shall always go in for the weaker dog
For the under dog in the fight.

I know that the world, that the great big world
Will never a moment stop
To see which dog may be in the right,
But will shout for the dog on top.

But for me I never shall pause to ask
Which dog may be in the right
For my heart will beat, while it beats at all,
For the under dog in the fight.

Perchance what I’ve said were better not said,
Or ’twere better I had said it “incog,”
But with heart and with glass filled chock to the brim,
Here is luck to the bottom dog.

-David Barker

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    • David Parrish
    • March 8, 2011

    Oh good night.
    What a crying shame,
    For a poet skilled with clause
    to use his wit
    and not to care a bit
    if he supports a witless cause.

    He’ll back a fight.
    and sully his name,
    to watch the bigger man be beat
    Just to say with pride
    He was on the side
    of the dog who lives on the street.

      • David Parrish
      • March 8, 2011

      That poem is from yours truly.

      1. Reply

        Very well-written and thought out and you made a very good point. Thanks for sharing this because it shows another side to the concept of backing the under-dog.

          • David Parrish
          • March 8, 2011

          Shawn I had fun with this one. Once in a while the poet in me wakes up and has to get out. Actually the poem you shared was quite good and fun to read. There is generally two sides to any good point and your poet left himself wide open for a response so I took it. Thanks.

    • Laurie
    • March 25, 2011

    Just loved that poem about the underdog Shawn, hit me in the heart. Also, I must say, David Parrish has a way with words that hit you in the heart too. Cheers.

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