Don’t Envy Other Folks

Don't Envy Other Folks PoemDon’t Envy Other Folks

Don’t think when you have troubles
That your neighbor goes scot-free
Because he shows a smiling front
And battles cheerfully.

No, Man! He, too, has troubles,
But herein the difference lies,
While you go idly moping round,
The other fellow tries.

Don’t envy other people;
Maybe, if the truth you knew,
You’d find their burdens heavier far
Than is the case with you.

Because a fellow, rain or shine,
Can show a smiling face,
Don’t think you’d have an easier time
If you could take his place.

‘Tis hope and cheery courage
That incite one to retrieve
One’s past mistakes, to start afresh,
To dare and to achieve.

So smile, and if perchance you light
The spark of hope anew
In some poor sad and burdened heart,
All honor be to you.




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    • Youkeang
    • August 20, 2010

    Love the poem. Keep up the good work. I absolutely love getting quotes e-mail from you. It is very uplifting and a joy to read. Keep on doing with you are doing Shawn!!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Youkeang. I’m glad to get positive feedback from a new friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you stay in touch.

    • Busayo
    • August 24, 2010

    i am a really big fan of your stuff…. thanks a lot for this timely poem

    • doreen
    • August 24, 2010

    i have started sharing the quotes with my work mates. Good work Shawn.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Doreen; make sure to send them the links too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • rita
    • July 24, 2011

    hey shawn… just a note.. I’m a middle school and high school teacher and just wanted to let you know that since I’ve subscribe to the site… i have shared a thought everyday with my students on my blog and twitter and have gotten such a positive response from all of them….. in some cases it has een inpired them to start writing and reading….
    thanks for reminding us of how we should be living….

    have a great day… rita

    1. Reply

      Wow, thanks Rita. Where are you, if I may ask? Just want to know where my efforts are being magnified! What’s your Twitter?

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