Failure Does Not Mean I’m A Failure

Failure Does Not Mean I'm A Failure
Failure does not mean I’m a failure;
It does mean I have not yet succeeded.

Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing;
It does mean I have learned something.

Failure does not mean I have been a fool;
It does mean I had enough faith to experiment.

Failure does not mean I have disgraced;
It does mean I have dared to try.

Failure does not mean I don’t have it;
It does mean I have something to do in a different way.

Failure does not mean I am inferior;
It does mean I am not perfect.

Failure does not mean I have wasted my life;
It does mean that I have an excuse to start over.

Failure does not mean that I should give up;
It does mean that I should try harder.

Failure does not mean that I will never make it;
It does mean that I need more practice.

Failure does not mean that You have abandoned me;
It does mean that You must have a better idea.


Does this poem resonate with any of you?

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  1. I often tell my students, “If you’re not making any mistakes, you’re not learning, you’re coasting.”

  2. Failure means that we are all human and its okay to make mistakes along the way as long as we learn from those mistakes.

  3. Very true. I like the part, “Faliure does not mean I have disgraced, It means I have dared to try.” Failure is part of life, learn from your mistakes, GO RISK TAKERS!!!

  4. Many times we fail and are afraid to try again. But with the thought, it tells us to always try again when ever we fail. Keep up with the good work.

  5. Failure is only a badly defined opposite of success. Nobody fails. They only did not succeed…

    (and then, God still loves you!)

  6. failiure is not permanant. Things will change with our effort in towards sucess. The only condition is to accept the reasons for the failiure

  7. I enjoyed to read your thoughts.Failure does not mean failure, it means that we learn from mistakes.

  8. I enjoyed to read your thoughts.Failure does not mean failure, it means that we learn from mistakes.

    Excellent thoughts.

  9. We would not be human if we did not make mistakes. In life there are many lessons to be learned, we never stop learning. The best thing we can do if we fail to to release the emotion, let it go, it serves no purpose to dwell on it, place our energy into something useful, know our mistake and then go and fix it if we can. If we can’t, so be it, we did our best, other opportunities will arise.

    Wonderful thoughts Shawn, enjoy your day.

  10. Just to add one more. Failure is necessary. You cannot truly succeed without it. Failures teach us the better way and help us gain deeper insights that will, with persistence direct us toward the best path. Don’t trust the words of those who fain success who claim to have not yet failed for their failure is imminent.

  11. No, I have yet to start a blog of my own, I am afraid I am afraid I would not have the time needed to keep up with it the way you have so graciously kept up with yours. I am very happy just to join in.

  12. yes,true enough.we will not b successful in life f we do not fail.failure is tha beginning of success.

  13. I do agree that “failure does not mean I am a failure.” It motivates me to move on and it gives me a lesson. Based from my experiences, the more I commit mistakes or encounter failures, the more I become stronger and stronger, and the more I move on for the best of my life. If you do not fail, you do not improve yourself.

  14. Aside from the last line that I don’t personally agree with being a non-religious person, this poem cheered me up. I just had a colossal failure tonight, where I destroyed in 10 minutes what it took me 3 hours to do, and will now take another 3 hours to fix. It’s hard not to feel like a failure when you have to do the same project not just once, but twice.

    But I did learn something from my failure… that before I start a task, I need to have the right tools. Without the right tools, what you’re working on might break, and then you have to start over. Tomorrow I’ll start again, and do it better, with the right tools this time.

  15. The reaction it provokes in me is anger and confusion – because it is the exact opposite of what I have known to be true for all of my life.

    It has always been plainly evident to me for as far back as I can remember, that the only thing which is acceptable is perfection. ‘Get it right, first time, every time’ is the goal that I consistently fail to achieve. This is not an attitude that I choose for myself or have any control over, but is simply the result of basic philosophy: there is no excuse for mistakes, there is no excuse for failure and thus my constant inability to succeed does indeed mean that I am inferior, I am a fool and I am a disgrace.

    • Hi Deke, I`m a big fan of Robert Schuller, so I`d give him credit for this, but I don`t think he wrote it. First, I can find no reference of him writing it. 2nd, if I remember correctly, I found it in a book dated from many decades ago, which may have pre-dated Schuller`s ministry. 3rd, I found several references to this poem in *partial* form, whereas I appeared to have the full poem…so there`s a lot of people out there with bits & pieces of it. So perhaps Rev. Schuller read out a piece of the poem during a sermon or included it in a book. Thanks, though, for your comment. Let me know if you can find something I`ve missed. 🙂