Follow Thou Me Poem

Follow Thou Me Poem
Follow Thou Me

Have you looked for sheep in the desert,
For those who have missed their way?
Have you been in the wild waste places,
Where the lost and the wandering stray?

Have you trodden the lonely highway,
The foul and the darksome street?
It may be you’d see in the gloaming
The print of my wounded feet.

Have you folded home to your bosom
The trembling, neglected lamb,
And taught to the little lost one
The sound of the Shepherd’s name?

Have you searched for the poor and the needy,
With no clothing, no home, no bread?
The Son of Man was among them–
He had nowhere to lay His head.

Have you carried the living water
To the parched and thirsty soul?
Have you said to the sick and the wounded,
“Christ Jesus make thee whole!”

Have you told my fainting children
Of the strength of my Father’s hand?
Have you guided the tottering footsteps
To the shore of the golden land?

Have you stood by the sad and the weary,
To smooth the pillow of death,
To comfort the sorrow-stricken
And strengthen the feeble faith?

And have you felt, when the glory
Has streamed through the open door,
And flitted across the shadow,
That there I had been before?

Have you wept with the broken-hearted
In their agony of woe?
Ye might hear Me whisper beside you
“It’s the pathway I often go!”

My brethren, My friends, My disciples,
Can you always follow Me?
Then, wherever the Master dwelleth,
There shall the servant be!


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    • Lee
    • August 9, 2011

    Hello Shawn,

    The perfect poem everyone should read and all should take heed. It is a poem to touch the heart and soul, a gift of faith, hope and love, forever to behold.

    I am going to post it on Facebook!

    1. Reply

      Yes, it makes you want to go out and make an impact of some kind.

    • Bobbie in Texas
    • September 15, 2014

    I love poetry and you have shared some beautiful poems. Follow Thou Me makes me cry every time I read it. One of my favorites now, right up there with The Touch of the Master’s Hand. Thank you for keeping this site open. Here it is, half way through 2014, and your sharing is still stirring hearts.

      • shawn
      • September 22, 2014

      Thanks, Bobbie. Were you one of my old subscribers to my thought-of-the-day email list from years ago? I miss those days. 🙁 -Shawn

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