Inspirational Quotes Video 3

I’ve been meaning to go on a video-making-binge for years…but I find it so hard to do!

I’d love to amass a giant collection of such videos; I did make a couple motivational videos 7 years ago, and finally got around to making a 3rd one only 6 months ago.  That tells you how well I fare in this area.

You may have seen a few of the pictures I put out on my Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram.  I took a few of them and put them into this one minute quotes pic video that you see below.

Please watch and share, like, etc.  Hope you like it:

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    • Gawie Erasmus
    • August 26, 2015

    Thank you for this quotes, it help me a lot every day. Thank you again. gAWIE

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