It Is OK To Be Wrong

I am the most “wrong” person I know.

I make mistakes all the time.  And I admit it.

Of course, I often act like I’m right, just like anyone else, and I can get stuck in the normal everyday “script” of pitting my opinions up against the “wrong” opinions of other people.  I can even sometimes get jerky about it.

But as I’m left alone in the aftermath and in my quiet moments of introspection, I often realize that I was wrong.  Do YOU do the same?  Or am I alone in this?

I often think to myself, “Why on earth did you argue/disagree with that person?”  And then I try to justify my temporary insanity with things like:

  • I was tired
  • I was hungry
  • I might have a mental illness

But they say that if you can ask, “Am I crazy?” then you are obviously not, since no crazy person has ever asked that question of themselves.  Or is that a myth?

I then often go back to the people I disagreed with, and apologize.  I do this especially if I caused a ruckus.  Take note: I am the only person I know that regularly apologizes for one’s behavior.   I can’t think of a time anyone has ever asked me to forgive them.  Am I alone in this? (the former sentence; not the latter)

At any rate, in order to save myself some time and some crow-eating, I now try to consider other people’s points of view as they are expressing it.

Very often, if the person makes a really good point, I find myself saying words like:

  • “I never thought of it that way; I agree with you now”
  • “You make a very good point; I now share your opinion”

Take note: I am the only person I know that utters such words.

No one has EVER said such words to me.  Why is that? Are we all so caught up in the need to be right, that we can’t allow our egos to be bruised and broken by being wrong?

It is OK to be wrong and admit it!  How do we know we’re right?  I think we all know when our own position is weak and stupid…but even when we KNOW we’re right, we can still be wrong.

That’s why “argument” and “debate” are false-virtues.  Any stupid idiot can be right.  Any mindless drone on this planet can argue, so it doesn’t make you special to be “right”.  How many people can actually step out of their point of view and actually consider another person’s way of thinking?  Not 1 in 10,000.

For some more thoughts on this subject, please go read my book review of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

My last comment on this whole subject is once again, am I alone in all this?

-Shawn B

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    • Ellen Fenton
    • November 15, 2011

    You and I are one and the same – your thoughts really are my thoughts!! Reading your thoughts are like reading my own. Thanks for sharing.

      • shawn
      • November 15, 2011

      It’s nice to find a Kindred Spirit! Stay in touch!

    • Mumonhomework
    • November 15, 2011

    Really enjoyed your post and very much agree! Like you I often apologise for being in the wrong but don’t hear it back very often. Saying sorry seems to be a tough one for many people, an admission of weakness perhaps? Keep posting!

      • shawn
      • November 15, 2011

      Thanks for chiming in. I am starting to keep notes on my inner-dialogues (for my next personal post). 🙂

    • adnil
    • November 16, 2011

    no, you are not alone on these….. i can readily admit my weaknesses, and at the end of the day, it made me feel fulfilled, that im 1 of 10,000!!!

      • shawn
      • November 16, 2011

      Yeah! Good to have someone along for the ride!

    • sally
    • November 17, 2011

    Hi Shawn,

    Yeah, i guess so….some people caught up in the need to be right that it’s difficult for their ego to admit that sometimes they can also be wrong. Nice job you’ve done Shawn…..keep it up!


    • Ermie
    • November 26, 2011

    Hi Shawn,
    I share your sentiments. I always say sorry to a person I may upset or not, but through my emotional calculations, i knew by heart that i did, kind of having that fellow feeling so i have to do such move.
    as always, i am so grateful of all the inspirational thoughts you send. I can relate with them but most of all, they guide me to my day to day activities, They mean so much to me.
    My deep appreciation,
    Ermie(Turks and Caicos Islands)

      • shawn
      • November 27, 2011

      You’re welcome, Ermie. Glad to have you here from T&CI. Keep on visiting, please.

    • Balasubramanian
    • December 30, 2011

    Thank you very much for your nice quotes. I would like to
    take this opportunity to thank every one of you a Happy &
    Prosperous New Year 2012.


      • shawn
      • December 31, 2011

      Thanks Balasubramanian! Wishing you a great new year!

    • Noel D'Souza
    • January 3, 2012

    Hello Shawn,
    Do hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a blast during the New Year.
    Thank you for your time and patience in sending us these quotes
    It’s people like you who inspire and motivate us.
    Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous 2012

    God Bless!

    1. Reply

      Thanks a lot Noel. I appreciate your positive feedback. Yes, Christmas was great! How was yours?

    • Balasubramanian
    • January 5, 2012

    Hope you had enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
    I really enjoy your quotes and thank you very much for the
    painstaking effort and sending me really inspirational
    quotes. All the best to you.


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