The Grandest Prize – Poem

The Grandest Prize
Here’s another great poem I stumbled upon recently.  It’s about striving for worthy goals in life, especially the ones that make you stretch.

If you’re like me, you’ll have to read it 2 or 3 times.

The Grandest Prize

In summing up the things to praise,
For what they do for me,
There’s one to which I give first place,
Whose virtues plain I see.

I pay it well-earned tribute,
For it to me doth teach
Life’s greatest, noblest lesson,
‘Tis the prize beyond my reach.

It dares me come and take it,
It says to me, “You know
By struggle and by effort
Your strength and skill will grow;

I’ll not surrender tamely,
Tho’ you wheedle and beseech,
But if you toil you’ll win me,
Tho’ now beyond your reach.”

And I have found that always
Whene’er I use my skill,
My muscle and intelligence,
My energy and will,

I’m always sure to win it,
And sweet beyond all speech
Is the rapture of the capture
Of the prize once out of reach.

-William T. Card

It makes me think I need to set some bigger goals!  How about you?



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