Optimist vs Pessimist Poem

optimist poem
How foolish is the pessimist,
Despondent and forlorn,
Who always when he gets a rose
Goes hunting for the thorn.

The optimist has better sense;
The charm of life he knows.
He doesn’t mind a scratch or two
If he can get the rose.

So don’t be a pessimist,
Bogged down with discontent;
The optimist has heaps of fun
That doesn’t cost a cent.


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    • khurshid mansoor
    • April 7, 2011


    • Fathi Abdalla
    • April 9, 2011

    Lovely poem, well stated, well Phrased.

    • Lee
    • April 14, 2011

    Hello Shawn, I have overcome many things in this lifetime, no more or less then many people have encountered but I have always remained an optimist, it is called survival in the end. In all adversities that touch our lives we need strength of will to survive. We must always keep the faith, live in hope and know that things do change, we just have to wait until till they do. Patience is a virtue, I keep working at it, smile….Never give up or give in because if you do you will never know how great it could have been.

    There is much wisdom in this poem. Keep sharing your wonderful gift of quotes and poetry. Take care always.

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