Places I’ve Been Recently

I just I’d post a few pictures of places I’ve been in the last while.

They were all taken with my phone…actually, some with my Curve and others with my Tour (which is slightly better).

This is the view from “The Eagles Nest” in Bancroft, Ontario.


We have friends up there and usually go stay at their cottage once a year.  Shania Twain has a cottage nearby….

This is a 966 pound pumkin we saw at the Norwood Fair.


A couple weeks ago we went to an awesome little town called Midland.  I’d visited it a few times this Summer for work and liked it so much, I brought the whole family back for an over-night trip.

It’s got a cool family attraction called Castle Village, a pioneer village/fort called Sainte-Marie among the Hurons that depicts life when Jesuit priests came to the area in 1639, and the downtown core & waterfront are very nice too.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t take any pictures of anything there except for some play-areas behind Castle Village; here’s a few:


more castle village

This is a pic I took of Fort Gibraltar in the French Quarter of Winnipeg.  I took this back in August when I was there for business.  Yes, I know…it’s not that compelling a picture; I didn’t go in because I didn’t want to pay $15 for another fake fort tour…plus, there was a wedding party taking pictures in there:

fort gibraltar

Lastly, we recently took the family to the CN Tower (ie. the tallest “free-standing structure on land” in the world; Burj Dubai is now taller).  Did you know about the glass floors you can stand on and look down?  It was pretty cool:


I used my Air Miles to buy us all the full access passes, which took us to the highest levels, got us onto the rides, and even got us into the “fast” lines.  I have one observation about that: if you ever go to the CN Tower, you MUST pay extra for the fast pass, because even that was unbelievably slow.  I feel bad for the other masses of people in the slow lines.

Thanks for reading this far.

I will try to do shorter “places I’ve been” posts in the future.

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