Places I’ve Gone Lately

I know this is not something I usually post, but why not?  I go to some incredibly beautiful places for work…and why not share some of that part of my life with you?

Plus, I have to say, for me to always share poems and self-help ideas and lists of inspirational quotations…it’s not always that easy!

Whereas it’s pretty easy to just talk naturally like this.  So I will now tell you what’s up in my life. 🙂

First off, I drive a lot for work.  I love it.  I get to see all sorts of amazing places in Ontario.  My philosophy is that if you can’t go travel the world, then explore your own backyard.

One place I had to check out recently was the south coast of Lake Simcoe, which is is about an hour north of Toronto in good traffic:

This whole waterfront road is so stunningly beautiful, with awesome houses and a couple small beaches.  On the day I drove it, the wind was blowing, so with the car windows down, the sound of the wind through the trees and the waves against the shore was a zen-like experience.

I’ve actually driven it many, many times.  But that day, I had new eyes for it.  I think this area is one of the best-kept secrets in southern Ontario, and I guarantee most Ontarioans don’t even know it exists.

You should start the drive in Keswick (in the west) and continue all the way to Sibbald Point, around where the famous writer, Stephen Leacock, is buried.  You’ll pass through Willow Beach (around where this pic is taken) and Sutton/Jacksons Point, etc.  An interesting point: one of HappyPublishing’s most prolific commenter, Lee from Australia, had her book published in Jacksons Point.  I hope she’s reading this. 🙂

Another great place I was at in the last few weeks is Jack Lake, near Apsley:

Strangely, I had real trouble finding any spot to take a picture of the lake.  The roads were so wooded, so I couldn’t even see people’s cottages!  But I thought this picture of the deer by the road was very serendipitous (some friends in that area would call this “good medicine”).

Next is one that was not work-related, but I enjoyed the drive so much, I thought I’d include it.  I took a day trip through the lower parts of Algonquin Park:

I think the name of this look-out point is Smoke Lake, and it was fun getting to it.  We had to hike up a steep trail to find it.  You also need to understand, this area is super-far from anything.  It takes a long time to get to Algonquin Park, but it’s a popular destination for canoeing, and most of it has no cell coverage.  This area was covered, though.

Anyway, I hope you liked this photos.  If you don’t get out of the house and go on your own adventures, you’re only existing…you’re not living.  So get out and live life!  And take some pictures while you’re at it. 🙂


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    • Amber Robbins
    • June 26, 2012

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures! I work as a geologist in a cubicle. On my free time I try to explore the geology where I live. It’s amazing how many people (even geologists) do not know the geology where they live! Thank you for the extra inspiration to get outside and explore some more. I especially love your last paragraph “If you don’t get out of the house and go on your own adventures, you’re only existing…you’re not living”. The challenge I sometimes find is many people think women cannot explore on their own. I do it all the time and enjoy the solitude.

    1. Reply

      Great thoughts, Amber. If you don’t mind me asking, what state are you in? Solitude is wonderful, isn’t it? I think many people seem to fear it.

    • kathyK
    • June 26, 2012

    These pictures are great! I love taking little ” adventures “….. Life is here for exploring 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    • kathyK
    • June 26, 2012

    Thank-you for the pictures and the inspiration … I try to text a positive Thought of the Day to my kids and their spouses every morning . It is important to stay connected in a positive way every day! Thank-you for sharing your adventures with us … Life is one big adventure! Go out and explore!

    1. Reply

      Awesome, Kathy…I think it’s great you inspire your family like that. Great idea!

    • Angel Hux
    • June 27, 2012

    I love this!! The pictures are very pretty. Thanks so much for sharing your life and what you do! 🙂

    1. Reply

      You’re welcome. I’ll try to share more soon.

    • sally
    • June 27, 2012

    Hi Shawn,

    Wow! Amazing…..only now i’ve realized i’ve missed so much fun in life. I’m the type of person who just loved to stay at home and don’t even bother to see some places or go out, only if i have to or if its required. You inspire me with this Shawn, thank you so much. I even got the idea of doing the same thing like this and will share it with my friends 🙂

    Yeah, im just existing but not living….but not for long. I will start exploring my own backyard soon! thanks and God bless you always.


    1. Reply

      Thanks, Sally. I felt bad saying that people only “exist” if they don’t get out of the house. Of course, it’s not true (only partly true). 🙂 Tell me when you start exploring your home areas; I’d like to read about them.

    • Amanda
    • June 28, 2012

    I like your quote “If you don’t get out of the house and go on your own adventures, you’re only existing…you’re not living.” This is so true! The pictures you took look really amazing and “off the beaten track”. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Amanda. And you’re welcome. I’m always saying that line to my kids to get them off the couch!

    • Pamela
    • June 29, 2012

    Wow! Luks great! Come n explore our kenyan country too.

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