A Couple of Random Pictures

I regret that I didn’t get out more this past Thanksgiving weekend.

We were out at a country fair most of Saturday, and while there we:

  • watched horse-jumping
  • went on rides
  • let the kids try to win carnival games (my son won a guitar seconds after I told him that these games are rigged and that he’d never win)
  • bought fries, ice cream, sponge candy, a deep fried Mars bar, etc
  • and more

Here’s a pic of this years biggest pumpkin contest:



Crazy, isn’t it?  How many pumpkin pies do you think you could get out of this thing???

I DID TAKE SEVERAL other pictures of the fair, but I decided not to post them.

But here’s one I took during a short walk we took on Sunday.


We are hoping to go out on Wednesday and enjoy the season some more.  I took a vacation day for my wife’s birthday.  Normally, we go out somewhere OVERNIGHT, but she’s too busy with a new venture she’s started making baby blankets and nursing covers, etc.

We might take a day trip out to a place called “Lake on the Mountain”.


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