Poem – Holiday For Strings

holiday for strings
Hi Everyone,

I’ve found another REALLY awesome poem.  I’ll get back to big collections of inspirational quotes soon…but for now, I keep finding great old poems from the 1910-1960’s eras.

Most poems that I share have been all but forgotten…so, I hope you appreciate my efforts to resurrect these gems. 🙂

This one below is called “Holiday For Strings”…which is a title I don’t fully understand.  It’s a very spiritual/religious poem, so I hope you’re into that kind of thing!

But I think 90% of you can relate to what the author is saying.  I SURE CAN!!


Holiday For Strings

I’m weary of books, and my brain is a fog;
I want to get out with my gun and my dog.
I’m musty with “problems”, I’m sick to my brain;
I’ve got to get out in the wind and the rain.

I’m tired of studying man-made mistakes
In a world that wants God just to put on the brakes.
And I loathe the whole mess that we humans have made,
Proudly building a world without heavenly aid.

When I stop in my tracks and take time out to think,
I can see my world tottering flush on the brink
Of a pit that is bubbling with tears of despair
Because men can not prosper when God is not there.

So let me get out in the wind and the rain
Where God’s nature can heal my dispirited brain,
Where the stars are my guide, and the sun is my friend,
And the clouds and the rainbow make everything blend.

I must get out in the open, I can’t stand it here
Where the news and the radio all create fear.
Let me out in my woods where the whippoorwill sings,
Where there’s quiet and peace when the angelus rings.

It’s only a holiday, that’s all I ask
From the hurry and worry surrounding my task.
Just a few days in God’s lovely outdoors
Midst the smell of the pines and the spell of the moors.

It’s only a holiday, lest I forget
That God’s on His throne watching over us yet.
I don’t want to forget that God made all things good
From the air that I breathe to my health and my food.

I don’t want to forget that the robin can sing,
That the fishes still nibble and bees still can sting.
I don’t want to forget the tall pines in the night
As they brush away clouds to make stars shine more bright.

So please let me go to my woods for a spell
Where my dear ones and I can get out of the shell
Of a civilization that doesn’t like God
And is spoiling the ground that my Saviour has trod.

Just give me the Book so I daily can hear
The clear voice of my Lord Who will always be near
To interpret creation, the meaning of life,
The glory of peace and the folly of strife.

And then when my brain has been washed by the rain
And my skin has been tanned by the sun’s healing stain
Oh, then let me back, there’s a job to be done,
And the Master I serve can turn work into fun.
-Herman A. Preus

Great, huh?  Please share it around with people you know would like it.

It’s funny…just today I was driving around “up north” for few hours, in the beautiful Fall weather, and in a light rain.  I really needed that.  It felt great. 🙂

I didn’t take this picture, but this is what it looked like up there:
fall picture


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    • Tirzah Gilmore
    • October 30, 2014

    Wow, cool! Thanks for sharing. I love God, I love nature, and I love poetry so this is great. 🙂

    1. Reply

      Thanks Tirzah…and you’re welcome. Glad I could share something inspiring with you.

    • Ray Penner
    • August 1, 2015

    Love it

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