Nobody Else But You – Poem

Nobody Else But You
I seem to be posting a lot of poems lately…but that’s because I keep finding good ones for your reading pleasure.

This one seems to be from around 1936, and it talks about our need to take responsibility for our lives, actions, and future.  I’m sure you’re going to like it!


When you been workin’ a long, long time
A-doin’ the best you can,
And you start to think about the day,
When you’ll be an old, old man —
And you’ll want to fish and hunt and golf
Or whatever you love to do —
Nobody goin’ to save that money,
Nobody else but you!

Ain’t no use to sit and dream
About that pot of gold
Or about the things you’d like to have
When you find you’re growin’ old.
Human nature ain’t changed a bit —
There’s really nothin’ new —
Nobody goin’ to send you ’round the world,
Nobody else but you!

No use standin’ along the road
Tryin’ to thumb your way,
Or stickin’ your dimes in slot machines
A-hopin’ they will pay.
‘Cause the guy who owns them slot machines
He has ideas, too.
Ideas of makin’ some profits —
Of nobody else but you!

Now if you’re inclined to speculate,
Oh–Oh! You wanna look out,
‘Cause the guy you speculatin’ with
Knows what it’s all about!
And when the speculatin’s over
And the propaganda’s through
You know who’s gonna be holdin’ the bag —
Nobody else but you!

So I been smokin’ and wonderin’
About a lot of fancy schemes
Where I could get rich without any work —
And I’m sure they’re all just dreams.
‘Cause you’ll find out as you go along
And see things clear on through —
Things worth while are the things that are earned

By nobody else but you!

-William L. Miller, 1936(?)

It’s pretty good, isn’t it?  Please share it with your friends or followers or whoever.  And be sure to write any thoughts you have in the comment section below.


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    • Nancy Harper
    • September 13, 2014

    Loved this poem, Shawn as I was born in 1936. This is so neat, because it is something that has not changed. This is so true today. In my lifetime most things have really changed a lot, but this is all true and always has been.

      • shawn
      • September 22, 2014

      Thanks for your thoughts, Nancy. Glad you liked it too. I love the style of these kinds of poems; I feel like today’s world has forgotten them. -Shawn

    • tc_tran
    • December 17, 2014

    it’s evident that the things we’re earned are the things worthy for us and that makes of the value of us, composed of material & spirit, virtue. So i hope we rich or poor (we earn much or less) do not decide the value of us (although affecting to) but the way we live we act we commit…?!

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