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six things that keep us going
There are six things that keep us going:

First, the instinct to live, which we apparently have no part in making or deciding about.

Second, group consciousness and the desire that we have to win the approbation of our fellows within the group.

Third, the various interests that we may find in life, such as religion or art or some such other branch of aesthetics.

Fourth, in our climate the habit of work.

Fifth, the sheer joy of physical life that we find in hours of well-earned recreation after hard work -games, fishing, tramping the hills, a good book before an open fire.

Sixth, and most important, the general feeling that we have that there is some abstract goodness or rightness in the world with which we may cooperate in making the world a fine place for a splendid race of men, women and children to live in.

-Frank Parker Day

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