Hanging With Famous People

We had a fun Saturday night.

My wife & I went downtown Toronto to see a friend of ours open for Sarah McLachlan.  Pretty cool, huh?

Actually, our friend is the sister of a friend of ours; she and her husband live around the corner from us.  We’d met the sister a few times and we knew she was pursuing a career in music and had gotten a record deal with Warner Music. Her name is Meaghan Smith.  After you read this whole post, come back and check out her site and watch her video on there.

Well, she’s doing pretty good for herself!  She’s a lot like Nora Jones, the daughter of Ravi Shankar, the guy who worked with George Harrison and the Beatles.   Meaghan is on tour at the moment with Ron Sexsmith.

Anyway, somehow she got on the bill for this one night show; I think her manager at Warner also works for Sarah.  Well, this was the first time we saw Meaghan in concert and she was incredible!  Her music is beautiful, she’s got a great voice, and she is very interactive with the audience.  And she was cracking jokes like crazy and had the audience in stitches!  She’s hilarious.

During the intermission, we met our friends and Meaghan out in the hall and it was funny to see people “star struck” with her.  People really took to her.

Next, right before Sarah got on stage, a famous Indian guru came in that is involved with the concert; the proceeds were going to a charity for children that he started.  His name is Sri Ravi Shankar…which is different than the Ravi Shankar who’s the father of Nora Jones.  Weird, huh?

Sarah was really good.  She sounds SO GOOD live in concert.

After the show, Meaghan’s manager gave us backstage passes and we went to wait in her dressing room with our friends and band members, etc.  At one point, I was shocked when Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies stuck his head in the room to congratulate the band.  It was funny because he looked at all of us in the eyes and treated us like we were all in the band.

Everyone was quiet after he left and I said, “Can you believe that just happened?”

Next, Sarah McLachlan’s manager came in and asked us if we wanted to meet Sarah.  Our friends had already met her before the concert, so they were ok.  But my wife and I just said, “No, it’s ok.”  Weird, huh?  I guess I felt like I didn’t have anything constructive to say to Sarah if we met her.  I mean, she meets thousands of people in similar scenarios, so why bother her with yet another?

Meaghan was gone for some time because she was signing CD’s and shirts and taking pictures with fans.  We went across the street a while later for a late dinner.  It was funny again to have people pointing and whispering in the restaurant; they had been at the show and recognized Meaghan.  Anyway, she paid for dinner.

It was a fun Saturday night!  I’d like to do that again!

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