Sit quietly for a moment

Sit quietly for a moment

This is by far, one of my top favourite “quotes” or thoughts of all time.  I read it back around 1990 and have loved it ever since.  Enjoy!

1. Sit quietly for a moment, and you realize how you have been
foolishly running about.

2. Learn to keep your mouth shut, and you realize you have been
talking too much.

3. Avoid getting involved in too many things, and you realize
that you have been wasting your time in unnecessary things.

4. Close the door, and you realize that you have been mixed
up with too many kinds of people.

5. Have few desires, and you realize why you have had so many ills.

6. Be human, and you realize that you have been too critical
of others.

-Chen Chiju (1588-1639)

(take another look at when he lived)

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