Television Quotes

television quotes

All television is educational television.  The question is:  what is it teaching? -Nicholas Johnson

Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other. -Ann Landers

Television:  A medium – so called because it is neither rare nor well done. -Ernie Kovacs

Television!  Teacher, mother, secret lover. -Homer Simpson

Television is simply automated day-dreaming. -Lee Lovinger

They say that ninety percent of TV is junk.  But, ninety percent of everything is junk. -Gene Roddenberry

TV.  If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they’ll have with twenty-six.  Open your child’s imagination.  Open a book. -Unknown

Television: chewing gum for the eyes. -Frank Llyod Wright

Television is an anesthetic for the pain of the modern world. -Astrid Alauda

I hate television.  I hate it as much as peanuts.  But I can’t stop eating peanuts. -Orson Welles

I could have been a doctor, but there were too many good shows on TV. -Jason Love

Star Trek fans usually know the metaphors of life better than most mainstream poets. -Terri Guillemets

Television is more interesting than people. If it were not, we would have people standing in the corners of our rooms. -Alan Corenk

Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn’t have in your home. -David Frost

Dealing with network executives is like being nibbled to death by ducks. -Eric Sevareid

[Television is] the triumph of machine over people. -Fred Allen

Don’t you wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There’s one marked ‘Brightness,’ but it doesn’t work. -Gallagher

Imitation is the sincerest form of television. -Fred Allen

The human race is faced with a cruel choice: work or daytime television. -Unknown

In general my children refuse to eat anything that hasn’t danced in television. -Erma Bombeck

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    • Lee
    • August 19, 2010

    Hello Shawn,

    I tried this for the third time and I got through. See I didn’t give up, smile!

    These are wonderful quotes, I enjoyed reading each one of them, I guess each one had something of value, yet different to say. Some were food for thought. It is like everything in life, moderation is the key.

    thank you Shawn and enjoy your evening.

    • Bev
    • September 8, 2010

    Loved them!!!! Funny that I went back to read these, cuz I’ve recently come to the realization of the brainwashing of tv is taking over

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