The Boss Or The Leader?

Here’s a good thought on the difference between a boss and a leader.  If you’re in a leadership role, this might be a nice thing to print and stick up on the wall.

Even if you don’t read it all the time, at least the people around you will see you’re trying to do what’s right.

The Boss Or The Leader?

The boss drives his men.
The leader coaches them.

The boss depends on authority.
The leader, goodwill.

The boss says “I.”
The leader says “we.”

The boss says “Be there on time.”
The leader gets there ahead of time.

The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown on you.
The leader fixes the breakdown.

The boss knows how it is done.
The leader shows how.

The boss says “go,”
The leader says “Let’s go.”

The boss uses people.
The leader develops them.

The boss sees today.
The leader looks at tomorrow.

The boss commands.
The leader asks.

The boss never has enough time.
The leader makes time.

The boss is concerned with things.
The leader is concerned with people.

The boss lets his people know where he stands.
The leader lets his people know where to stand.

The boss works hard to produce.
The leader works hard to help his people produce.

The boss takes the credit.
The leader gives it.


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    • Lee
    • January 15, 2010

    This is so very true Shawn, with regards to the boss everything revolves around him, where as the leader focuses for the good of all.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • anna
    • January 15, 2010

    I like that quote alot keep doing the good work in motivating people like myself.
    Have a bless day!



    • Tonya Roberts
    • January 15, 2010

    LOVE IT!!!!

    • Indra
    • January 18, 2010

    How true, Shawn!!!
    Really I appreciate….
    Have a beautiful day…..

    • santau
    • January 19, 2010

    ya! its true…be a leader instead a boss !!!

    • k8
    • February 4, 2010

    Wow. This speaks volumes. I’ve been fortunate to know good leaders and have survived a few bosses. I see myself as a leader in progress – this will serve as a good reminder of how I should behave vs. maybe how I tend to behave.
    Thank you – this is fantastic.
    Now… do I have the stones to send this to a former “boss”…?

    • Lee
    • September 29, 2011

    Hi Shawn, these are wonderful thoughts to consider. I have heard many times the injustice shown by the boss. There is nothing to gain by standing over people, giving them a hard time so you the boss can look good. If the boss want’s to accomplish his goals he should help and encourage the people working for him, guide them when any problems occur. When we help each other we achieve much more.

    Take care always, Lee

    • Neela
    • November 29, 2012

    Dear Shawn!!!

    Very Nice… Its True…

    Very Great Things you are doing… Take Care


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