The Nine Aspects of Life


The Nine Aspects of Life

The adventure of life is to learn.

The purpose of life is to grow.

The nature of life is to change.

The challenge of life is to overcome.

The essence of life is to care.

The opportunity of life is to serve.

The secret of life is to dare.

The spice of life is to befriend.

The beauty of life is to give.

-William Arthur Ward

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    • Jonathan
    • November 15, 2009

    Hey Shawn,

    You’re like an encyclopedia of inspiring quotes in a human form. That’s brilliant! You know what, you know what? Warren Buffet is to stock market and Bill Gates is to operating systems, just like Shawn Bremner is to inspiring quotes. Thanks for what you do.


    • Laurie Vowels
    • November 15, 2009

    Shawn, the Nine Aspects of Life are terrific, each one. We should all live by them. Keep em’ comin’

    • troy
    • November 16, 2009


    all these thought are amazing.I even save them all in my computer.

    • shawn
    • November 16, 2009

    LOL!! Thanks, Jonathan. That’s one of the best compliments I ever got. 🙂 I read this out to my wife and she laughed a lot too. I am the “Gates-Buffet of Inspiring Quotes”. Hmmm…maybe you’re onto something here. I am the “Maven” of Quotations. How do I get the word out so the whole world knows it?

      • Jitendra Jain
      • March 30, 2011

      This is really inspiring man.. Keep posting such good thoughts..

    • Ernest
    • December 21, 2013

    Today well lived;makes every yesterday a dream of happyness and every tommorow a vision of hope…..

      • shawn
      • December 26, 2013

      This is from that “Salutation to the Day” thingy, right?

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