The Second Chance Poem

The Second Chance

We may not have the means at hand
To change a circumstance.
But we may gain, to our relief,
A welcome second chance–

A chance to prove that we will try,
With all our might and main,
To change our ways, to right some wrong,
And pull our weight again.

So let us thank the generous folk
Who overlook our lapse,
And put their trust in our success,
Where once we failed, perhaps.

The second chance can bright results
The first one to outweigh,
For in the meantime we have learned
A little more each day.

-Anna Hayward

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  1. Well composed.A thought of positive feeling and realistic.
    When we deceide to do a thing we should not leave at the first failure.

  2. Very well stated.
    We all need a second, thrid or even fourth chance in order to get things right or in other aspects of life to perceive things right, all depends upon our powers of observation that varies from one to another.
    Beautifully stated,
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Shawn,

    Love the poem! Words of wisdom to reflect upon, creative in thought, capture the true essence of the meaning of a “Second Chance”.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Of the poems that you have posed today, this one rings the loudest and offers the greatest hope. Thanks Shawn.