The Better Chance

the better chance

The Better Chance

Not all the earnest men achieve
The splendid height where glory dwells,
But worthiness need never grieve
If folly passes wearing bells.

The vain grow fretful and rebel,
While merit’s patience must be strong;
A man may lose in doing well;
He cannot win by going wrong.

-S.E. Kiser

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    • Lee
    • December 5, 2010

    Hello Shawn, great words of wisdom in this poetic piece, a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing, I always find inspiring thoughts in either quotes or poems.

    Hope you have a lovely week-end!

    • sympathy poems
    • July 13, 2011

    Nice publish, compelled me to upright a remark in its place of my uncommunicative itemizing shape. Thanks.

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